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" If you go out you come to wonderful places " Dr. Seuss


 The Art News  

Israel, 12 december 2023

2.5 $


"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"


"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done" 

Thomas Jefferson

In retrospect, I realized that I started my artistic way before I was even aware of it.

And finally, How did it all start ? 

Although Since I remember myself, I was surrounded by my talented father's paintings, colors & art. Art in general and painting in particular, were an area I did not seek access to. At the end of my father's life, I was trying to give him a reason to keep his passion for painting. I had an idea that it would be nice if we managed to paint together.  My father's excitement left a deep imprint on me, and I still did not realize how significant it would be for me later on. Life and days passed and I did not get to class ... Only after his death did I reach the stage where I was ready to hold the brush and paint. I will never forget the feeling I had when I made my first colored painting. I felt like at last I am at home.

this was the beginning of a love story which I knew I have to hold & cherish. I decided to get off the 'express train' I had been traveling for years. 


From a world of rationality, analytical calculated in the world of finances, I went down the nearest ‘station’ to myself. 

Out of a state of uncertainty and despite the great concern of my family and dear friends,

I informed the world, friends, I got off at the station and in the meantime I stay ... This is not a simple decision as a woman, single mother, to give up financial security and decide to be a successful artist. But in retrospect it can be said that my decision was unavoidable. The past is the present and future. Colors from soul had to pierce.

I discovered A magical world of colors and powerful sensory experiences. 

My inspiration comes from breathtaking wonderful landscapes that are kept in my unconscious like a wild land where i have been in another life. My art leads me to a world of inner peace where I let my senses lead me on a journey in which I, the canvas and the colors join together to sensual dance,  movement and excitement. 

The strong and daring color tones create a sense of warmth, powerful and harmonious harmony - a parallel to my personal life.

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